Friday, September 25, 2009

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It's BACK to work I go!!!

I am going back to work on the 30th of September. I was hoping I'd have my birthday off. But, that doesn't look like it'll be happening. Atleast I could go in later that day :). I didn't do all I wanted on furlough.. but.. Oh well I will have more time off in December. I do still have mondays off so that'll be nice. I am all about 3 day weekends! :).

Monday, September 21, 2009

A way to make extra cash!

So, I decided when I get back to work.. or have a little extra cash I am going to start selling Scentsy! I got one for my birthday last year and I absolutely love it! I am hoping to have this going before Christmas.. so if you need Christmas ideas... look no further :). It's a great gift!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Went back to the gym!

After my pure laziness...I've returned to the gym! I need to stay motivated any ideas on how to stay motivated? I gotta lose weight. LOL. I love working out and how I feel afterwards. :). It's a great feeling. I felt great after my workout today :).

I also am not blonde anymore. I dyed my hair back to it's original color and I am growing my hair back out. :). YAY!

I need fun "free" ideas to do while I am off work. I am extremely bored.. Anybody have any fun ideas?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wishful thinking...

I have been sitting here furloughed (temporarily laid off) since August 14th. I am bored. I need to go back to work. Due to the crappy economy we don't have a lot of work coming in. I may or may not go back this year. I hope I go back! I have been applying for other seasonal and permanent jobs at the IRS. I am wishing and hoping I get SOMETHING else. I love my team at work. But, I need more stability. I just need to keep one foot in front of another.. :). Recently a lot of friends have been laid off and their husbands have too. It's scary. One of my friends is going to lose her house. It's all just so sad. :(. And what does OBAMA do? He keeps spending money, when many americans are losing their jobs. AHHHH!!!

Please everyone think happy thoughts for me. :).

Over labor day weekend I went to Fort Bridger, Wyoming for the Mountain Man Rendevous! I had an awesome time :). Bought some cool stuff :). I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Bring on fall! While I was in WY.. I watched the BYU vs. Oklahoma game. It was a great game :)! Most of you know.. I don't like their football team. But all bias aside it was a great game. And I am glad BYU won. Good for them. :).