Saturday, October 31, 2009

I've been hit by the swine!!!

Thursday night I started feeling crappy. A girl I was in training with ended up getting the swine flu. So, when I started having symptoms I thought it'd be a good idea to get to the doctor. Diagnosis: A mild case of the Swine flu. The only symptom I do not have is a fever. Even having a mild case I still feel awful! And my head is a jumbled mess. I've had a few friends text me to check on me..and the texts I send back to them make absolutely no sense.. HA! And I had to go into work and fill out my stupid time card. The IRS is stupid. Atleast I had a mask on and hand sanitizer... so I didn't get everyone else sick. I was there for 20 minutes then I left!!! :). Halloween is one my favorite holidays. And today I will be laying down and watching movies!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sometimes you just need to write...

So, I started my new job on the 13th of October. The people are really nice. But I really hate the job. It's not really my thing. If I had better training in this new area I may know what I am doing a little! For the most part I grasp what is going on! And what I need to do. But the trainers are really nice but to be honest they don't know how to train. It's frustrating. I left a job where I loved the people, liked the work and felt like I was finally getting comfortable with everyone and then.. BAM! I accepted a new job! The truth is my old department wasn't working me enough. Had they done that I would have stayed working over there. But due to the economy and more people e-filing my old department is going through some changes. I feel so bad for my friends working there. Many of them are going to be off the rest of the year in the next 2 or 3 weeks. A lot of them have been off since June. I feel very blessed that in my new area they only furlough maybe for 2 to 4 weeks a year. That is a doable furlough. However, some people who work in my old department have kids to support, christmas to buy, and bills to pay. I would have been okay financially had I not gone to this new area. Granted only working 7 months and 2 weeks in my other area it was making me have to stretch my unemployment quite far. My unit was so nice to me and got me a going away card, gift and a cake when I left. After I read my card I had to go in the bathroom and cry. I am so happy I can go and visit all my friends and still go on break and lunch with them. I am still applying for every job out there at the IRS (well the ones where I am qualified) And I hope I get something because... I don't really like the new job.

As the holidays approach I always get a little meloncholy. It's supposed to be the happiest time of the year. Well most the time it's the most depressing because I don't have a special someone. I am glad that I can buy gifts for family and friends and that gives me great joy! I would love to have a husband who I could spend the holidays with and have kids to share the holidays with.. Granted I have my family and friends to spend the holidays with...but there are those few things in my life that are missing. I am really shy around guys. And not so outgoing with them. I give up on the whole thing. But I am hopeful I will meet "the one" someday.. That sounds so corny but it's true. I know he's out there. I just need to find him...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Man... Im getting old...

So, my 28th birthday was last tuesday! I had a great day and was spoiled by friends and family! On the 5th (monday) I went out to eat with my friend Felice. And then we went shopping. The place we ate at was an indian restaurant and it was OH SO GOOD! Mondays are normally my day off. Then on Tuesday I took the day off of work. I woke up to many text messages and facebook messages wishing me happy birthday. Then I went to lunch at Wingers with Maryann and her little girl Brianne. I am known as "Auntie Kari" to her. She kept telling me happy birthday all day. Then I went to Maryann's OB appointment with her. She is due in January. It was so cool seeing the ultrasound and hearing the heart beat. As the doctor left Brianne said "Bye-Bye Doctor" in her cute little 2 yr old voice. She also said that to the medical assistant as we left...Then we went shopping. Then I had bought myself a Wii on wednesday :). So I bought a few games on my birthday and we played them on Maryann's wii :). Then I went out to dinner with my mom, brother and grandma at The Greenery at Rainbow gardens. I had a turkey enchilada. With chocolate cake. And then went back to Maryann's and ate ice cream and hung out some more. It was a good day! This coming weekend. I am going out with a friend for my birthday. I got spoiled by friends and family! I am very blessed to have a great family and wonderful friends! :).

I start my new job tomorrow. I am nervous and excited to work longer. I will probably post sometime this weekend about how well I like it or hate it. My team that I was in got me a good-bye cake, a going away gift and a birthday and good-bye card. They are the best ever!!!

I bought a Nintendo Wii last wednesday and just barely had hooked it up Saturday. I would never admit to this...but now I love playing video games. Right now I am really enjoying Mario Party, Wii Sport Resort (newer game) and Super Paper Mario! :). I also bought a Sonic the hedgehog game. :). I love my wii!

Friday, October 2, 2009

I got a new job!

YAY! I start my new job at the IRS on October 13th. :). I am having mixed emotions about going because I love my department. This new area works 11 months out of the year. And I need to work longer than I have this year in my new department. I'll miss everyone..but I am just down the hall. I will be a Tax Examiner down in Entity Unpostables. Yay for working longer!