Sunday, December 26, 2010

Does anyone even read my blog?

Probably not!! I rarely post anything. Not that I don't have lots going on. I just sometimes think I am lame! Which is why I don't post..

What have I been up to?

Well, I was extremely sick over Thanksgiving and almost had to go to the ER thanksgiving day. I could not breathe. I could go outside and breathe just fine because it was so cold. Well like an idiot I still went and did Black Friday shopping with my friend and her friend. Got home at 7am and I slept till 3:30 and then went to the doctor. I had a virus.. but also had an ear infection. Even though I was so sick I still went to the BYU vs UTAH football game. It was an awesome game. :). Then on December 3rd I got furloughed from work. It has been extremely nice having time off work but I am starting to get bored. December 4th I went to a fun ornament exchange party. Well, like an Idiot my paint didn't dry on my ornaments so they had leaked out. That was interesting.. but they turned out cute. Then later that day I went to go the festival of trees with my friend's Tiffany and Felice and Tiffany's little girl Paisley! It was a blast. December 15th I had a work Christmas party that I went to. It was good seeing my team. On December 18th, I went to my friend Jessica's ward party.. It was actually kind of lame and Jessica would admit that too. Her and I exchanged gifts and then her friend from her ward came over and we talked for a good 3 hours. It was a pretty intense conversation.. but her friend Robyn is super nice! As most of you know I have been struggling with my beliefs at church which has kept me away over half of the last decade. A lot of what Robyn was talking about opened my eyes to some things. It was great. Christmas was wonderful with my family. I just LOVE my family and all of my awesome friends... they always spoil me and I am so grateful for everything people do for me. I went to my grandma's house on Christmas. It was great!! We ate, opened gifts and just enjoyed being together as a family.

I am starting ANOTHER EXERCISE program tomorrow. It's time to get in shape. I no longer feel "comfortable" in my own skin.. which means I need to make some life changes... so here goes.. Those who have lost weight, how do you keep the motivation?