Sunday, May 24, 2009

One of my favorite vacations... EVER!

Sorry that it has taken me forever to post on my vacation that I took from May 1st-4th! I had thee time of my life. It's kind of funny how you can go to the same place numerous times but every time you go you can experience different things depending on who you travel with! :). I've known Felice almost 6 years. I met her through work 6 years ago, we instantly became friends and I have to say she's become one of my best friends (I have a few). Anyway, for the past several years she kept saying let's go on vacation, but it just NEVER happened. Well, I told her that our favorite American Idol contestant would be in concert in St. George at the Tuhacahn Ampitheatre. The best American Idol contestant ever is Melinda Doolittle the 3rd place finisher on Season 6 of American Idol! When I had told Felice about it she definitely wanted to go, she invited her mom who is 58 and one of thee nicest ladies ever! Laurell (Felice's mom) decided to invite Lilia who is her cousin. Lilia is a riot! She is exactly what I will be like when I am older! We left around 10:30am and got into St. George about 4:30pm. We ate dinner which consisted of sliced ham and turkey and vegetables, and avacados! Then we got ready to go see Melinda, Gina Glocksen (also from season 6), Chikeze (from season 7), And Phil Stacey from (Season 6). We were just there for Melinda! Felice and I had brought our CD in case we were able to meet her! The concert was great and Melinda was AMAZING! They said they would be signing autographs so we decided to wait in line for an hour and a half. When we met Melinda she was so nice, we had told her we were one of her "backups" (that's her fanbase's name), and she asked if she could give us a hug! We took pictures :). Her and I share the same birthday also! She is so nice. Sorry that there is a glare with her and my picture. The other one that was taken had me looking in my camera and Melinda looking in Laurell's camera! :). (For more pictures from the concert check out my facebook page). It was a lot of fun and she is so sweet! She signed my CD!

After I met Melinda I sounded like a geek and said! "Oh my heck, I just met Melinda Doolittle!!" HAHA! After that we headed back to the hotel. We got lost and ended up going up a dirt road that looked like we were heading into a horror flick because it was dark and we were in the middle of NOWHERE! I told them I felt like someone was out in the desert looking to kill us! HAHA. I don't think they thought was funny! :).

The next morning we all woke up around 8am. I could barely breathe because I had really bad allergies! Plus having the AC on all night having the pollen come in made me feel like crap until we got out of Utah! We went and had a continental breakfast around 9. Which was really good! I had a bagel, juice, yougurt and a banana. And then had jumped on the computer really quick! We went back to the room and got ready and packed the car. We couldn't check into the condo until 4pm (Las Vegas time), so we stayed in St. George a few hours.

I had never seen the St. George Temple up close, so I went and took a picture! Felice, Lilia, and Laurell are hispanic so we decided to go to their Cinco De Mayo celebration at a Catholic church in St. George! It was a lot of fun, other than we got lost getting there. Lilia said "Oh there it is!" Which actually ended up being a Mortuary! We ate, played bingo, and watched dancers and danced to music! :). We also bought t-shirts that were only 5 bucks! :). It was fun!

Then it was time to get on the road again. We started laughing hysterically over little things! It was great fun! Lilia and I were making Laurell and Felice laugh. Laurell doesn't know how she got from St. George to Mesquite! Laurell could barely park when we were in Mesquite. LOL! She was laughing so hard! :). We gambled for a few minutes. And of course I lost it all. HAHA! We also had go to the bathroom which was actually why we stopped! :).

Then we were on the road again. From Mesquite to Vegas we were laughing the whole way. And Felice kept saying "Oh my hell", and then said. "Next time we go on vacation I will take a train, Kari will take a plane, Lilia a bus, and Mom you can drive!" HAHA! That set me off more and I started laughing more. Well we got lost in Vegas because of construction so we were lost for about an hour. Lilia kept saying "Oh follow the detour sign!" LOL.. DUH! :). Hehe that made me laugh even more. LOL. While we had forgotten that we lost an hour it was only 3pm so we went to the store to buy some groceries for the condo. Finally at 4pm we checked in to the condo! (CHECK OUT FACEBOOK FOR PICTURES!)

We decided to kind of take it easy for a bit before we headed to the strip. We made spaghetti, garlic bread and salad. It was delicious! Then we decided to get ready and take the shuttle to the strip! LOL. It was about 7pm :). Lilia after a while ended up waiting for us at the shuttle parking because she wasn't feeling well. Laurell, Felice and I went sightseeing after we gambled some with Lilia! We went to the Atrium at the Bellagio! It was so cool! Once again check out the pictures from my facebook! They are all there!

Here's a picture of Felice and Laurell! Bet you can't tell that they are related! I thought this was a cute picture!!

We went and saw a few water shows at the Bellagio! Then about 11:45 decided we were all tired and went back to the Condo.

We all had our own room at the condo. And the bed was comfortable! The next day would be full of fun! We all got up around 9am. We had breakfast that consisted of eggs, bacon, toast and lots of other things! It was delicious! :). We then went and sat at the gazebo at the condo while waiting for the shuttle to take us to the strip. We decided we wanted to see a show while we were there! So, we went to the conceirge and they recommended going to the Impersanator show there at Harrah's. There was Jay Leno, The Temptations, Elvis, Madonna, and Whitney Houston! The Temptations and Elvis were my favorite. Elvis is definitely not dead ;).

Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself! LOL. When we got to the strip we went to Maddame Tussaud's Wax Musuem. I got a lot of fun pictures from that. :). I will post a few of my favorites. Check out the ones on facebook. They are all there and I need to put more on there!

HAHA! Laurell and Hugh Hefner! A happily married woman of 38 years! I thought this picture was cute! :).

Me and President Obama!

I told Laurell and Lilia to give my man Johnny Depp some "Cougar" Love! :). They did me proud! Here is Felice and Tiger Woods! :). After

After the Wax Museum we went sightseeing, then we went to Harrah's for their buffet for dinner. It was yummy! Then we went shopping and then went to the Impersantor show. The show was definitely worth 60 bucks! Then Lilia and Laurell went back to the condo and Felice and I did our thing on the strip for like 3 hours. It was a lot of fun. Go check out my pictures on facebook! Definitely a good trip! We got home monday night around 9:30pm and when we stopped in Mesquite on the way home I won $76 dollars and almost won a million on Wheel of Fortune at the casino! It was definitely a trip to remember I had thee time of my life!!!


Ashley Rv said...

what an amazing trip! looks like you had sooo much fun!

Kari said...

I did have a lot of fun! Definitely one of my most favorite trips.. EVER!

Cindy said...

Sounds like a ton of fun! Whenever I go to Vegas I go see family and they always take us to local spots so we haven't really fully experienced vegas. The wax museum looked like fun!

Kari said...

Cindy! The wax museum is a lot of fun. I wouldn't suggest taking young kids (they might be creeped out). It was a lot of fun though! You need to give me your parents address :). I need to send you a baby gift! I was bad and gambled but atleast I won money ;).