Monday, June 15, 2009

Where does time go?

Wow, I can't believe it already is the middle of June! Time sure does fly! I've not really done anything too exciting in the summer. I need too. I'm going on another vacation. WOOHOO! From June 5th-12th I housesat/dogsat for my friend. They went on a cruise to Alaska! I was so totally jealous! 5 of those 7 days I didn't go to work and enjoyed the big screen TV. I went and visited with my good friend Jessica 2 different days. Had a fun time! And went and played bunco one night. That is always a good time!

I didn't get one of the jobs I put in for. But now I am kind of glad because I heard it's not a good job! Oh well, I'll keep applying until I get a permenent job. Right now they've done 4 furloughs at work (laid people off), and I am still working. So... I won't complain! Money is good! I also get a lot of money off of unemployment also! So.... it'd be nice to have some time off!


Ashley Rv said...

I agree time has flown by! Gotta tell ya Kari Im lovin' your playlist! gotta be the best playlist from all the blogs Ive been too! lovin it!

Kari said...

I remember when you and I were in Jr. High! :) and our lockers were next to each other! Remember that? Thanks.. I am glad you like my playlist! How have you been?!