Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I hate that it seems like I NEVER have time to write much anymore.. Seriously when did life get so busy that we can't do the little things? I miss blogging but at the same time I don't have much to say sometimes.. I work, sleep, work, sleep, work sleep.. have a weekend, sleep and then continue the next week.

So, back in April I started dating Travis. Him and I started talking in March. He is 33 will be 34 4 days after my 30th birthday.. He was married for 4 years but with the chick for 9 years and they separated last October. In December he was laid off from his good paying job and his divorce was final in February. So he has gone through a lot in the last 10 months.

Travis and I have a lot in common, and when I say a lot I mean a lot.. it's even odd that we finish each others sentences. We are so much a like that it's funny. We even like a lot of the same music.

Well, I have fallen in love with him and I did a while ago... and I finally told him this last saturday. I didn't mean for it to happen it just did. The reason it is so hard for me date him right now is he doesn't feel like he can be exclusive with me right now, which I can understand, he's been through a lot. Travis and I almost ended everything last saturday, and it was very emotional for me. But it ended up being a miscommunication over text. But we talked about it... and I told him how I truly feel and why it hurts me so bad to know he goes on another date here or there.

I found out last month that he was dating another girl and it pissed me off. It's like tell me upfront your doing that. I almost sent him packing then.

I have been on a "Love Rollercoaster" for the past 6 weeks, and it sucks. I really hope one day soon he pulls his head out. He just tells me he can't be a good boyfriend right now cause his life is so up in the air..

He better figure it out one day or this girl is moving on... and not looking back..


Kathy said...

I love that you know what you want, and aren't willing to settle for anything less. I really hope he treats you like the amazing woman I know you are. You deserve it, and hopefully if it's not him to give you that, you'll find someone else who can.

I am proud of you for not living with regrets and saying what you need to say.

I hope everything works out for you!

Mrs. Egg said...

Oh kari girl! I hope things work out! You deserve it!!!
You can blog from work. Just set up an email address. Then its easy to write what you are feeling I think it helps. I used to do it all the time.

Kari said...

Thanks ladies!!! :). I do know what I want, and I won't settle for anything less. Travis is a great guy and we have a lot of fun together so I hope it works out... I am not getting any younger!!!!! LOL... :)I'd get in trouble if I blogged from work lol.