Friday, July 17, 2009

Mid-summer blog....

So, I have slacked on blogging. :). The sun is shining and I feel like I've been so busy with activities. I've been off work since the 15th of June but got called back to start this wednesday (however, due to other obligations) I am starting on Tuesday since I have every monday off. I am excited to go back to work just cause I have spent way too much money since I was furloughed. A few weeks ago my manager called me to tell me that I've been hired to be an instructor in my area. I am very excited! I love teaching people. So, I just have to get certified. What have I been up to the past month?

* Went to one of my best friend's sons baby blessing. Graham you are so cute!! :).
* I've gone to several movies... Saw Harry Potter! IT ROCKS!!!
* Got invited by my mom to go on a camping trip to Flaming Gorge (had a great time). Met my mom's boyfriend's extended family. Love them all, they were so nice.
* Gone hiking.
* Gone swimming.
* Gone on several trips to Salt Lake.
* Went to a couple concerts

And the list could go on. I am glad I actually got to enjoy some of my summer this year! You really dont get to do that when you are an adult! So, I am glad I had some time off :). But I am glad to be going back to work!


Cindy said...

Thank you for coming down to the blessing! It was really fun to see you. I agree! Harry Potter was really good! Went and watched it with bryan and my niece Katelyn. Viva Summer!

Kari said...

I wouldn't have missed it for anything! :). When I come down for a visit we'll have to go see Harry Potter again :). I am already going 2 other times in the next 5 days :). HAHA! I look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks!

JillRv said...

Sounds like you have had a really fun busy summer! i really need to go see harry potter!

Kari said...

I did have a good half of my summer :). However, who knows how long I'll be working! Stupid economy! :(. I need a permenant job with the IRS! You do need to see Harry Potter! It rocks!