Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Job....

Life is good! I was offered ANOTHER new job at the IRS. This time I will make a lot more! I feel so very lucky to be going over there. A lot people say "It's the place to work at the IRS" or "It's the funnest place to work at the IRS" or "Man, I just love my job over there in Exam". So I am pretty stoked to be going over January 4th. I had just accepted another job back in I am already leaving there. But I have to go where the money is. And even though I liked my team in the "newer" department.. I just really never liked the work. :(. I am going to miss seeing my friends from Code and Edit. I've made some amazing friends over there which I hope to stay in contact with forever. I have told my old team I'll come and visit ocassionally!

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