Monday, December 7, 2009

What a joke!

So I voted for Obama last November because I BELIEVED that he was the change we needed!!! Well, now instead of getting change we've gotten crap! And it ticks me off! Im not saying McCain would've done any better. Bush left us in a mess and I thought Obama would clean it up. But you what? I think he keeps making it worse and that he has his own agenda. I don't feel comfortable having him as my president anymore. Also federal employees get an annual cost of living raise and it's usually around a 3% raise. Well, he wants only a 2% raise.. Hopefully congress overthrows him.

So my new slogan now is I VOTED FOR CHANGE BUT GOT CRAP! Maybe he'll pull his out and act like a decent president because if I had to vote again today as of right now I would not vote for him AGAIN!


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Hehe! Can I get an Amen?!!