Friday, February 19, 2010

People make me sick!

So on thursday as most everyone heard.. A small plane hit an IRS building in Austin, TX. While most of you think this isn't that big of a deal it's a big deal to me. As you all know I work for the IRS. And I know that people don't like the IRS...and people don't like paying taxes, I sure as heck hate paying taxes. But I do it. But I am not gonna go on a tax rant. I ocassionally go to and read about what's going on locally, nationally etc. Well, tonight when I got off of work I decided to go on and read the threads that people have posted about what happened in Austin.. Most were complaining about the IRS and about paying taxes. And they called the Pilot heroic? EXCUSE ME? Seriously you are calling this guy heroic? If it happened in Utah would all these people be posting what they had been. The filith that came out of there mouth was disgusting. If that happened here in Utah, the posts would've been "I have friends or family who work there or this is tragic and I can't believe it happened in Utah. We had a drill at work today on what we'd do in a situation similiar to this.. In the Ogden area there are about 13 different IRS buildings. One guy jokingly said "Well hopefully if something like this happens again they will hit the main building." I looked at him and told him to shut up, and that I have a lot of friends over there. It really bothered me. I don't know why people think stuff like this is funny. Who knows one day it could happen in Utah, I pray that it doesn't but who knows with all the crazies out there. My thoughts and prayers are with those who were affected. It just hit a little too close to home today.