Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I always start getting giddy this time of year. I LOVE TO BE OUTSIDE! It makes me sad when I have to go to work at 4:00pm and everyone else is going out to do something fun for the evening! Oh well. I will get to have a bit of a summer this year cause I will be off work. This will probably be my last furlough until I retire. I am more than likely going to have a permanent job in my area come October. Which I am excited about. But then again the thought of working year round makes me sick.. haha! I need a husband to pay all my bills... ***SIGH*** :)

In September I am going to go and see Lion King on broadway in Utah. I am very stoked. I have never been to a broadway show! I would sell a kidney to go to Wicked! I love that musical. It is so good!

This spring/summer I plan on spending a lot of time outside... I probably will do a lot of camping. I just love camping! I also love hiking! I go with my friend Maryann to take her daughter swimming a lot too. That should be a lot of fun! I plan on making lots of plans!

I absolutely love my job. It's great. It's a very hard job..but I feel like I am doing a good job at it. I have an awesome new boss (her son worked in Code and Edit with me), she is great! I like what I do.. and going to work isn't that much of a chore anymore. Even though some days it feels like it.

Nothing too exciting is going on..that's why I don't post that much anymore. I work, sleep, and do stuff ocassionally with friends... The life of a 28 year single gal. I gotta get out and do more. :).


Erin Fowles said...


I'm glad you're still liking your new job :D It's been a long journey weeding through crappy jobs, but I'm glad you found somewhere you feel like you belong! What day are you going to Lion King? We have Sept. 12th matinee tix!

Kari said...

Thanks so much Erin! It really is a great area to work in. I make good money, will be permanent eventually...and can start going up the GS- Ladder in 2 year I should be a 9!!! And from there I am gonna keep going!! :) I still feel like I belong in C&E (that's why I go visit all the time!!).. I am going on the 5th to see lion king? I think or the 4th? one of the two! SO EXCITED!