Saturday, March 13, 2010

I am so VERY LUCKY :)

So, on wednesday I took my car to the dealership to get the oil changed and to see why it burns oil so fast... I though there would be some simple explanation.... there wasn't!!! Come to find out the engine needed to be replaced? I had to ask the mechanic at the dealership a couple times if he was sure.. Well, I bought my car in 2007 and my car is a 2001.. Well my car is still under warranty so I only have to pay for a tune up. They are paying the other $2,500.00 dollars! And my dealership also rented me a car free of charge from enterprise rentals. I was going to trade my car in and get something newer, now I think I might just drive it into the ground.. It only has 91K miles and now with a new could run forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)... The best part of it is my warranty runs out in may! :). So, I got it in just in time!!! :).. YAY!


Davis Family Blog said...

Lucky girl! What a relief to have it fixed without paying it. We need to hang out!

Kari said...

Yes we do Jessica!!! :).. We already talked about it on the phone today ;).