Tuesday, November 4, 2008


As if you guys did not know that already. Obama won! I am so happy! In my first election I voted for Al Gore which never really did matter in the scheme of things. Then in 2004 I voted for Bush (stupidest thing I could have done). Part of me feels bad for McCain. I think he was doomed because of Bush. I have nothing against McCain rather than I just didn't really like him. I think it is time for a change in America and McCain just wasn't what America wanted. My vote in the scheme of things in Utah did not matter. But, at one time women could not vote. And now I take pride in voting. I was able to watch history tonight. I believe that Obama will do what he says he will do. After Obama spoke and Joe Biden came out and the two of them and their wives all joined hands and raised their hands I am not gonna lie I teared up a bit. For once maybe America will be united.

We will see you on January 19, 2009 President Obama! YAY! Bush is almost out of office!

I did vote for Jon Huntsman for govenor :). Federally we need help! :).


Cindy said...

I am not happy that Obama won. I am nervous about his healthcare plans, his views on abortion, his attitude towards Iraq & Iran & Isreal, & his "spread the wealth" attitude. I don't think it's ok to take a ton more money from someone just because they have more money. Isn't that kind of like stealing? what will these increased taxes on those who provide jobs for americans affect the economy? Don't even get me started on the super majority that is in place now.... I agree that change needed to happen (Bush certainly didn't do us proud), I'm just not sure that this is the kind of change that will help America. I hope you are right Kari! I hope that Obama can fix America & take it on a path that we can all be proud of. It will certainly be an interesting next four years! Hope it goes well!

Kari said...

I figured you would have not been happy having Obama win. I am anti-abortion and all of that. I do not trust McCain. I know this is a stupid observation but I noticed a lot of times he wouldn't even wear his flag pin! I don't know what that bugs me it just does. I never really had anything against Sarah Palin. I just didn't think she was ready for the white house. Granted, she seems like a good woman and has a lot of the same values as I do. I just didn't think her or McCain were right for the job. I am sick of this war. It has gone on far too long! And for what now?! Yes 9/11 was devestating and I am glad Hussein was caught and executed. But, now they are just looking for Bin Laden. I don't think they will ever find him. Our economy is in such a shamble I hope Obama can turn it around or in this next election I will vote Republican again depending on who runs. LOL! I hope everything will be on the up and up.

Cindy said...

I hear ya! Maybe it will be a good change. Just nervous. I'm sure the world will survive :) (BTW: Obama refused to wear a flag pin or put his hand over his heart during the national anthem until he got heat from the press ;)

Cindy said...

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