Sunday, November 16, 2008

This coming weekend is gonna R-O-C-K!!!

This next coming weekend is gonna rock. Right after work Friday I am jumping on front runner with my friend and we are going to the Celine Dion concert down in Salt Lake City! We bought tickets last NOVEMBER! I will get up early Saturday and work out and then get ready to go to Salt Lake to the hill to watch THE UTES win BYU! WOOHOO! 12-0 baby! It's gonna be an awesome game. I love having season football tickets. I don't think Utah will have a "shut out" or whatever you call it with the cougars I think it'll be close like it always is. But Utah will win and get a BCS Bowl game bid! Looking forward to that!!! :). Oh and somewhere in next weekend I will be squeezing some time into watching the new "Twilight" movie! Looking forward to that! I love those books! (Thanks to Cindy for buying me the books last Christmas!).


Davis Family Blog said...

Sounds like a fun weekend coming up!

Cindy said...

I am so excited to see the game! I am worried the Cougs will lose, but I am always hopefull and I am sure it will be a nail biter! I can't wait!! Make sure you take your phone so I can text taunt you when we score! Have fun at the concert and the movie!

Kari said...

:).. I hope that the Cougars lose.. :). We shall see though! It'll be great if the Utes win. But they tend to fold under pressure sometimes. It will be a great game and I will for sure take my cell phone. :). Just remember... GO UTES!! 12-0 BABY! :). Oh yeah Jessica, tell Neal that too :). HEHE!