Thursday, December 18, 2008

I had the Christmas Spirit, now I don't!! :(.

AHH! This has been a crappy day! First, I have the stomach flu! Second..yesterday my cd player in my car started acting funny, and it malfunctioned and right now the battery is completely dead! So, now I need a new stereo GRRR! Atleast my mom and grandma will get me a gift card to circuit city for christmas so I can put a new one in!


Cindy said...

Don't let those kind of things bring you down. You have all of the really important things in your life. Family and friends. That's what really matters.

Kari said...

LOL.. I was sick yesterday so I was cranky. The issue has been resolved. :). Except that I have a huge hole in my dashboard :). But atleast my car won't die!