Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I know what you are thinking, you wanted to be furloughed from work! I did! This is week #7 being furloughed. They've started calling people back! They have to go off performance numbers to have you come back. It's stupid I know! I had a lot of fun being off from work the end of November/all of December. But now I am ready to be back to work. I am bored. BORED! BORED! BORED! It doesn't help that we are having a lot of snow either. I have stayed home a lot since the weather has been so crappy! AHH! I want to go on vacation this year and I have some things to pay off. So dang it. Call me back IRS! I know you are getting ready to get hit with taxes. C'mon... I will be waiting for my call from my manager!!! AHHHHHHHHH! BOREDOM! Kill me please. On a brighter note. AMERICAN IDOL STARTS NEXT WEEK! WOOHOO!

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Mrs. Egg said...

Ha Ha! I am enjoying my first day of furlough. It is lovely.