Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Fun and the Biggest Loser!

As most of you know I work swing shift. Stupid me didn't wear a coat last night. I went out to my car and wouldn't you know the door was frozen shut. In fact all 4 of the doors were frozen shut! I pryed open the drivers door and then guess what? The stupid door would not shut. I have never in my life had this happen to me. So, I didn't know what to do. So, I walked back into work to ask my friend Pattie and Nichole what to do. Since Nichole is such a dear she came out and tried to help me fix it. It still didn't work. So, I drove 5 miles home holding my door closed having my heater on full blast. I got home and what would you know? The door would shut! I was a little ticked. Driving home with one hand was tricky especially when the streets were iced over! I can't wait for spring!

At work there are a bunch of people doing the biggest loser. And guess what? I am doing it! Everyone puts in 20 bucks and who ever loses the most wins the pot of cash, so guess what? I am going to win this competition! Okay, so I know that makes me sound like I am full of myself but I want to win! We have a health "unit" at work so the nurse will weigh us and in 3 months we will see who has lost the most weight! WOOHOO! This should be fun. My manager and I have been talking crap to one another. I told her she better watch it or she'll have chocolate put on her desk by anonymous people :). HAHA!


Todd and Angie Powell said...

You can do it Kari! How much is in the pot right now? That's neat that your office has a nurse there.

I don't much like the cold either, but at least it's not negative something in Utah. Montana can get pretty chilly! Good luck with the biggest loser maybe I should join, how does it work?

Ashley Rv said...

that awesome that you guys have a competion. I should do that with my workout partners. Speaking of which you should come join us at the fairgrounds, we run stairs, its agreat workout.

Sounds like you've been blessed with the kind of luck that I have. hehehe. Ive never heard of a door doing that, but I could see that kind of thing happening to me too. lol. good luck tonight at work hope you have better luck!

Kari said...

Angie, I am totally gonna win! :). Right now 20 people signed up! So that's 400 bucks! I am going on vacation this summer so that'll be my spending money! Yeah there is a nurse at the IRS :).. EEK! I would never want to live in Montana too cold! I am really not sure how the biggest loser works :). Just that whoever loses the most wins :)!

Kari said...

I was working out with one of my best friends and then her husband got laid off work and then she stopped going. I am starting to work out with another friend this next week. I joined lady fitness in Pleasant View! I LOVE IT! Running stairs would defintely be a good workout! Are you guys waiting until it warms up a little?