Monday, January 12, 2009

I am such a nerd!

Well I will probably blog more about this in the next 5 months so I might as well just get that out of the way at the moment :). Anyway, I am so happy that tomorrow my favorite TV show returns! :). AMERICAN IDOL! That show is totally addicting. And I love watching people sing. And making fun of those people who can't sing! :). WOOHOO! I don't even know why I am blogging about this. HA!

Oh yeah, can someone tell me how to do a playlist for my blog? I know how to do it for other sites. Just not this one... And how do you do pictures? Am I a total idiot?! HELP!


Cindy said...

go to and set up an account and build your list or you might already have a playlist there. click on upload playlist to myspace or facebook. There are five options to upload. Choose E. Select your playlist. Specify settings and click Get Code. Copy the code. Go into your blogger account into the layout section. You can add your playlist to the side or the bottom. Click on add a gadget and pick the java/html code gadget. Paste the code into the box and save it. You are done. For pics, When you are typing your blog post there is an option for pics in the tool bar just above where you type and just below the title box. It's on the right side next to spell check. Just click it and click on browse computer. Then you can pull it off of your computer. You also need to tell it center right or left and how big. Then click upload picture. Then when it is in the post you can move it around. Let me know if you need more help with it!

Ashley Rv said...

oh cool i was going to give you instructions but it looks like someone beat me to the chase! Btw there is totally nothing nerdy about american idol. its awesome I hope they get some more good talent like last year! And I hope I get to see the two davids perform. if you need any help posting let me know! ash