Saturday, April 25, 2009

Waste of money...but oh well :)!

So, I had my car towed to my dealership. We thought it was my starter that had gone out. It ended up being a dead battery. So, I had the dealership jump me and a friend follow me to where I have an account with. I have an account at Les Schwab. :). So, the battery was free for me right now ;). So, I spent 103 bucks yesterday for them to tell me it was the battery! Oh yeah, and Les Schwab could have came and installed it at my home! AHHHHHHHHHHH!


Cindy said...

What did I say? :) Oh well. I am glad it was just a simple fix!

Ashley Rv said...

oh I hate car troubles! Hey Kari next time give me a call my hubby used to be a mechanic, he couldve looked at it for you for free! anyways im glad its working for ya! By the way have an awesome time on your vacation! I am soooooo Jealous!

Cindy said...

one of the buttons when you are writing a post allows you to insert a photo from your computer or the internet. It looks like a little landscape.. I think... Then you can drag the piture wherever you want in the post.