Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What kind of country do we live in?

Honestly?! In life 2 things are certain. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE TAXES and EVERYONE DIES! I was just watching the news and they were talking about a Tea Party in Salt Lake. I believe that Bush put us in this financial whirlwind and that Obama isn't helping the situation. Yep as an Obama supporter I am wondering why he is spending so much money when the country is in a recession. I mean honestly. And to be honest I really don't think McCain would have done a good job either. I guess you can say I am disappointed in Obama. If we go bankrupt as a country then I will have lost all faith in our leadership! People always complain about paying taxes. I guess I am kind of bias because I work for the IRS. I don't like paying taxes, but it's something I have to do. I'm held to a "higher standard" on paying my taxes on time. If I don't pay my taxes on time I can lose my job. I can't even file an extension like most tax payers. LOL. I have noticed this year at work that there is a lot less work because people are filing for extensions because they can not pay! And no wonder they can't pay. Obama spends millions of dollars on his Inauguration ceremonies and thus puts our country deeper into debt. And people lose their jobs! So, what does this teach all of us? Don't buy uneccesary things unless YOU CAN AFFORD TO! Instead of bailing out these banks why didn't they give "middle" america each $10,000 to stimulate the economy!

Okay, Now, I am going to shut up! :).


Cindy said...

I hear ya! I don't know that McCain or Obama would do a good job with all of this economic stuff. It's too bad that Romney didn't get in. He is a financial wizard. After all that is how he made all of his money. He takes struggling businesses and makes them successful. The government isn't unlike a business after all. I think the only reason he didn't make it is that he is Mormon. :(

Ashley Rv said...

Actually Kari its more like trillions he is spending not millions, Yes you are right about McCain he wouldnt have helped it much, though his tax cuts would have helped a smidgen. Romney is the man i believe that could have done it, His company has helped rescue failing companies not to mention his work on the olympics. Yes Taxes is a part of life, I dont mind paying it to a point, no i dont want to pay to fund some elses abortion, no I do not want to pay to fund his own civil military and no i do not want to pay for welfare when these people dont work. my husband and I work very hard for our money and Im sick of giving it to someone who sits at home and does nothing. With the banks bailouts we HAD to do it or American business would have failed! We supported the TEA parties to let the government know that we are not happy with this spending. Our country is heading from a recession to a depression. does this sound familiar to anyone. humn... civil mititary, decrease morale, punish those who speak there mind, and power to the government....yep I just compared Obama to Hitler. I encourage everyone to read Hitlers history and then research Obama and see if they arent very closely similar, By the way Kari I am proud of you to acknowledging Obama shortfalls. may we all Pray for our country and for our leaders to make wiser decisions! Both parties are corrupt!

Kari said...

Romney would have probably done a great job. Too bad he didn't make it to be the Republican candidate. I like Obama, I just don't like that he is SPENDING TRILLIONS of dollars that we don't have. My first election ever in 2000 I voted for Gore, then in 2004 voted for Bush, then in 2008 voted for Obama. I am anti-abortion etc. But, lean more towards the democratic sides of things, while I don't agree with everything that they do. :). Let's hope that things get better! :) and not worse.